Below you will soon find the accommodation options we offer. Booking a room will be possible from “My Account” -> “Accommodation”. Booking will be possible only after you have paid the full conference fee. When you reserve a room, no deposit is required – the full payment will be made on the day of your arrival, directly at your hotel. On our site you can book a room only for the duration of the conference.

The rooms are twin rooms. You may choose between:

  • Staying with a specific participant (if you already have a friend who is participating at MEDICS as well and want him/her to be your roommate). In this case, both of you need to book a place at the same hotel on our site, specify that you already have a roommate and give the roommate’s name in full.
  • Allowing us to put you in a room with another MEDICS participant who does not have a roommate.


You are free of course to look for other offers if you are not satisfied with the ones we offer. If you are interested in getting an offer for a single room or extending your stay, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].