AMBOSS participates in the 7th edition of the Medical International Conference for Students – MEDICS. As part of the conference, they will host an interactive and live webinar on April 8 at 6PM (Bucharest time) about how to best use AMBOSS not only to prepare for your exams, but to implement a new daily studying strategy. Also, by signing-up on the page, participants can access a raffle and have the possibility to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 year AMBOSS PLUS
  • 6 months AMBOSS PLUS
  • 1 stethoscope & 3 months AMBOSS PLUS

To participate, please sign up on the form below to get the webinar link and access the raffle automatically. The winners will be randomly selected with an automatic generator.

As a bonus, by participating in the webinar you will get a 14 day free trial. Furthermore, there will be special prizes for the poster competition during the conference. Keep an eye out for announcements and communications on the MEDICS official social media pages!

Content of the workshop

  • Study strategies, resource choices, and tips that have been proven by research that strongly correlates with higher test scores.
  • The critical basics of how to effectively integrate AMBOSS questions and its powerful Library into your medical studies and exam preparation.
  • A live quiz, during the workshop, which can win you up to 3-months of full AMBOSS access!

Why attend?

  • Chance to learn directly from an AMBOSS Physician, who is part of a global team that helps thousands of medical students to study smarter, and score higher!
  • Chance to explore AMBOSS—a world leading medical resource, which covers multiple needs for a successful exam-prep into one proven platform.

Is it for you?

  • This workshop will benefit any medical student, whether you are an incoming freshman or an intern about to enter your rotations!

How do I participate?

To participate, you will need to:

  • Sign up for the workshop by clicking on the “Register now” button
  • After signing up, you will receive the details of the workshop (webinar link, time and date) at the same email address, with which you have registered
  •  On the allotted time and date, please click on the link in the email and join
Sign up for the live webinar!