Interventional Endoscopy - the Dusk of Surgery

Endoscopy has made astounding progress and development in recent years. One of the physicians who mitigated this evolution in our country is Dr. Ioan Nedelcu, one of the most prominent figures in the field of Gastroenterology and one of the few doctors specializing in interventional endoscopy.

Endoscopy was adapted for most organs in the human body, leading to limitless opportunities for spot-on medical diagnosis. Whether it is used on its own or assisted by other tools, it is now easier to explore the human body through endoscopes. Join us at MEDICS 9 to learn more about Dr. Nedelcu’s experience and thoughts about the future of interventional endoscopy.


Cristian Ioan Nedelcu

Dr. Cristian Ioan Nedelcu graduated from Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy. He further gained experience from abroad and brought it back home, to his practice at two major hospitals in Bucharest, Romania. He has participated in several interventional endoscopy courses in Germany, The Czech Republic and many other countries.

Being passionate about science, Dr. Nedelcu has written several articles that are published in national and international specialty magazines. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology and a real inspiration for students interested in the field of interventional endoscopy.