April 9th
04:00-04:40 PM EEST UTC+3
Virtual Conference

Cancer and the Immune System: A Quiet Revolution in Medicine

Primary and metastatic tumors are complex ecosystems composed of multiple, various types of cells. Cross-talk between cancer cells and accessory immune cells fuels and shapes tumor development. During tumor formation, the tissue architecture evolves into a highly specialized microenvironment characterized by a corrupted extracellular matrix and chronic inflammation, which is precisely why equipping the immune system to fight tumors and modulating its response have become key elements in cancer treatment.


Fortunately, due to innovative treatments as well as a change in the medical mindset, we are now able to approach cancer therapy with a goal of maximizing quality of life while at the same time controlling disease. In many areas of oncology, especially in advanced, difficult to treat cancers and metastatic disease, the key to pursuing therapy is individualizing treatment to the patient’s personal ability to withstand therapy. Dr. Elizabeta Popa practices personalized cancer care of patients with digestive cancers and rare tumors. She has been the lead researcher of multiple clinical trials in the fields of head and neck cancer, liver and bile duct cancers, as well as rare tumors including sarcomas and she is also actively involved in ongoing clinical trials. Her interests include personalized tailoring of treatment regimens using the latest molecular and genomic profiling of tumors as well as focusing on making cancer treatments tolerable for each individual patient. Thinking of cancer as a chronic disease and gearing therapies to be sustainable and effective is among one of her most important goals as she moves forward with her clinical research and cancer treatment programs.


Elizabeta Popa

Elizabeta C. Popa is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Associate Attending Physician on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College, NY, in the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology. Dr. Popa also serves as a specialist consultant in Hematology-Oncology for the Hospital for Special Surgery. In addition to her clinical and research activities, Dr. Popa has also been an integral part of educational programs in the field of Hematology-Oncology with extensive involvement in precepting, lectures and clinical mentorship to Weill Cornell’s Hematology-Oncology Fellowship, Internal Medicine Department and medical student trainees.