Design your own congress – A congress that can be personalized
You can attend any conferences and keynote lectures without having to sign up beforehand for a
specific lecture and you can choose as many workshops as you like.
We announce workshops batches continuously and you can book one as soon as it is announced
You can book a place for a desired workshop in under 2 minutes
Starting with the moment we announce a new workshop, you can immediately pay the congress fee and
book a place at your desired workshop almost instantly, even at our most requested workshops.
Real-time feedback
We constantly observe which ones of our workshops are most requested and we increase the number of
places where necessary.
2023 Speakers
We can’t divulge all of our secrets just yet, but we can tell you that we’ll cover a wide range of topics,
as we always do.
We will be hosting conferences held by speakers from the fields of neuroscience,
transplant surgery, immunology, plastic surgery, cardiology, paediatric surgery and many more. Stay
tuned and check our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly to uncover this piece of the MEDICS
2023 puzzle