Scalpel, please!
You’ll get to say this phrase and many more at our workshops, which offer you the chance to become
doctors for a day. 
Put on a scrub or a white coat and come learn new things with us!
Not only are workshops a great way to practice your skills, they are also an opportunity to network and
meet people with similar interests from all over the world that you can work together with.
As with our conferences, we offer a wide range of workshops, from clinical to research-oriented and
surgical workshops.
You will get to experience our original SOMS workshops, as well as new ones
designed specifically for MEDICS, that you will only find here.

Here are a few of the workshops that were available at previous editions:

And that’s not all!
Since we’re all about teamwork, we also collaborate with other students societies,
such as RSSS and Walter Dandy Neurosurgical Club to bring you some of the best surgical and
neurosurgical workshops out there.