April 9th
02:00-02:40 PM EEST UTC+3
Virtual Conference

Genetical Cardiomyopathies: from patient to family

Our body works as a whole and thus, a systemic disease can lead to impairment in multiple organs. For example, Fabry disease, one of the inherited lysosomal storage diseases, can affect the heart, kidneys and skin. One can also think of amyloidosis, with its extensive clinical picture which may send the patient to different specialists before being diagnosed. Systemic diseases are therefore a medical challenge and their expression at the level of the cardiovascular system may put the patient’s life at risk.


Prof. Dr. Ruxandra Jurcuț

For more than 15 years, Dr. Jurcuț has been a member of the peer-review committee for 4 ISI indexed journals and associate editor of the Romanian Journal of Cardiology.


The doctor’s scientific experience includes a considerable number of articles published in ISI and Medline indexed journals.


She is also a member of the European Society of Cardiology, her experience being reflected in numerous studies in areas of interest, such as inflammation in coronary atherosclerosis or new ultrasound techniques in assessing myocardial dysfunction.


Thus, by taking part in this conference, you can have the chance to discover the path of one of the valuable members of SOMS and the passion for which she was guided in this field, as well as fascinating information from the world of cardiology!