April 9th
03:00-03:40 PM EEST UTC+3
Virtual Conference

General surgery approach for the management of abdominal and thoracic injuries

From the beginning of the medical adventure, the question on everyone’s lips is: ‘Do you want to be a scientist, a general physician or a surgeon?’. 

Any other specialization can be integrated in these 3 categories. 

MEDICS purpose is to reunite all the departments of medicine and to create a varied community of future doctors.


Stavros Gourgiotis



Dr. Stavros Gourgiotis is a consultant surgeon of trauma, emergency general surgery in Cambridge Oesophago-gastric Centre. 

With more than 17 years of experience working in clinical and university settings, he has a deep and varied experience of clinical and surgical work as a physician, as well as a tutor and researcher in areas related to general and emergency surgery, trauma and critical care. 


Dr. Stavros Gourgiotis has initiated numerous research projects and collaborated extensively with international and public sector organisations.