Anything You Can Do, AI Can Do Better: Life Lessons in the Age of the Machine

Teo Dumitru, a medical graduate who knitted his passion for IT into a career, offers a compelling look into the symbiosis between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Since he once was a medical student, his presentation not only demystifies how AI operates but also dives into how to effectively interact with it to enhance productivity and insight.

Teo Dumitru will touch on AI’s transformative impact in medicine, from diagnostics to personalised care, and discuss how to future-proof your career by highlighting the unique human qualities AI cannot replicate — or at least not yet. This concise session is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of AI’s potential and practical advice for navigating its advancements, promising a thought-provoking look into the future that we currently live in.

Bring your curiosity about the world of AI, this spring at MEDICS 9. 


Teodor Dumitru

Teo Dumitru, as a graduate of UMF Craiova in 2019 decided not to pursue a medical career, instead shifting his focus back to his first passion – IT. With a history of 9 years at Marsilian / BIOMAP, Grile-Rezidențiat and Grile-Admitere, his enthusiasm for efficiency naturally led him to pursue numerous projects involving AI, including an AI tutor.

He is fascinated by the progress of technology and how it continuously changes our lives. His medical background combined with IT expertise gives him a unique perspective in exploring the potential of AI – for medical students, doctors, and patients alike.