Pitch accepted


Prepare your pitch presentation


Record your pitch


Upload your pitch

Go to your account and upload your pitch into the “Upload my pitch” tab by 5th of April 2021 (23:59 GMT +2). The presentations will be available for viewing for the entire duration of the event and a week after its end.

What should you aim for?
  • Always keep in mind that the point of a pitch is to be compelling and to keep the audience engaged. 
  • Start with a blank piece of paper. Outline the most important facts that you want to convey about the topic you have chosen – what is the problem you want to solve and why is it still unsolved? What are the solutions you would implement and how would they make a difference? Refrain from speaking in terms that are too broad – time is of essence! Bring forward your most concrete, compelling arguments!
  • Narrow your thoughts to fit in 5 categories: “What is wrong?”, “What can I do to make it better?”, “How do I do it?”, “What do I do it for?” and “Who I do it for?”. Ideally, each section should have two or three strong sentences.
  • Prioritise information – start off your pitch with an interesting fact or stat. Make sure your speech follows a logical order.
  • Once you feel satisfied with your work, rehearse your speech. You could ask a colleague, a friends or family member for their opinion on the pitch (make sure they can be objective!).
  • After you received the feedback and honed your pitch even further, record yourself saying it. Make sure your tone is friendly and that you are not talking a mile a minute – you strive to get your point across!
  • Now gather your courage, enter your account and upload your pitch! 
Criteria for your pitch presentation
  • The maximum duration of the pitch is 3 minutes. No video that exceeds the limit will be successfully uploaded on the website.
  • The quality of the recording must be Full HD (a minimum of 1080p).
  • Record yourself in landscape format.
  • Be as creative as you wish when you are recording your pitch but keep your face in the video for the entire time
  • You are allowed to use props.
  • If you choose to film with a friend or include more people in your Pitch Presentation you are free to do so! However those presenting alongside you will not be considered co-authors of your pitch.