Romania is a member of the European Union/European Economic Area; therefore, participants who are nationals of an EU member state do not require a visa.

Some participants who are nationals of a country outside the EU will require a visa in order to travel to Romania. To check whether you need a visa, please visit the website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applying for a visa can take a lot of time – it is therefore very important for you to start your visa application as soon as possible!

MEDICS will assist with a visa invitation letter in support of a visa application only after you have registered and paid the General Access Fee. You can request a visa invitation letter by clicking on the button below. You will need to fill our form and provide the required details.

Please note the following important points:

  • Visa invitation letter requests are processed in 2 working days after you have completed the form and the letter is submitted to you via email.
  • Hard copies will be provided only on demand. If you need a hard copy, we will cover the costs to send you the letter using regular postal services. Please note that we cannot guarantee its proper delivery. In case the letter gets lost, we will send it again only once. If you wish to have the letter sent to you by another postal service (like DHL), you will have to cover the additional cost.
  • We recommend to apply for a visa invitation letter as soon as possible. The closer we get to the congress, the stronger we advise you to consider using DHL to deliver you letter.
  • Visa invitation letters will only be issued for the period of the event and for entry into Romania. No other date and / or country requests will be supported.
  • Applying for a Romanian visa and visa issuance is beyond our control. We are not liable for any additional visa costs, processing and/or issuance. We will do everything possible to help you with your visa application, but we cannot offer a refund if your trip gets cancelled because of visa-related problems (see also “Refund policy” in our Terms & Conditions).
  • Ukrainian Nationals don’t need a visa anymore.
  • Non-Ukrainian Nationals applying for a Romanian visa in Ukraine: we will be sending ALL the visa invitation letters 6 weeks before the congress (in late February), directly to the Romanian Embassy/Consulate, using DHL. You will be asked to specify the Romanian Embassy/Consulate where you will make your application in our visa form. All participants who requested a visa invitation letter will have it sent directly at the indicated Romanian Embassy/Consulate in late February. Any participant who makes a visa invitation request afterwards will have it sent at the indicated Romanian Embassy/Consulate using regular postal services, but we cannot guarantee its proper delivery. Please note that the terms above apply only to non-Ukrainian Nationals applying for a Romanian visa in Ukraine.
  • No visa invitation letter requests will be processed after 3 March 2024 (23:59 GMT +2).


If you have other questions please contact us at vi***@so*********.com