Meet the new generation of science communicators. The MEDICS Presentation sessions are events in which the Presenting Authors have the opportunity to share their findings with all the other participants.

Oral & Poster Presentations

MEDICS 2024 brings another edition of our well-known oral and poster presentations. You can now once again present your scientific work or participate as a member of the public in any of the sessions in person. We will host two Oral Presentation sessions on Saturday, 13th of April, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We will also host a Poster Presentations session during the Lunch Break on the same day.

 If you want to become a Presenting Author, we must warn you that our prizes have become more and more alluring over the years. There will be 3 scientific prizes for the presenting authors in each Oral Presentation session awarded by our evaluating committee as well as one Popularity Prize per session decided by the public. As for our Poster Presentations Session, there will be 3 Popularity Prizes and 2 Honorable Mentions decided by the public.

Are you a Passive participant? – Watch the sessions, engage with the presenting authors and vote for the Popularity Prize – exciting rewards await you!

Read more about how to submit your abstract here.

Are you a Passive Participant?

Not only will you listen to some of the most interesting Presenting Authors, but you will also have a say about who wins the Popularity Prizes! Moreover, if you attend the MEDICS Presentations and vote for your favourites, you automatically enter the competition for one of the special prizes set aside for the public!

Are you a Presenting Author?

Congratulations! Here are some tips for oral presentations and for poster presentations.