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The MEDICS Presentations are the event where the Presenting Authors will be giving their talks. There will be one 90-minute Poster Presentation session during Lunch Break and two Oral Presentation sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. All three will take place on Saturday. Participants are welcome to attend without prior booking.

Are you a Passive Participant?

Not only will you listen to some of the most interesting Presenting Authors, but you will also have a say about who wins the Popularity Prizes! Moreover, if you attend the MEDICS Presentations and vote for your favourites, you automatically enter the competition for one of the special prizes set aside for the public!

You may attend one of the two Oral Presentation sessions (morning or afternoon) and it won’t give you any troubles when we check your eligibility for the Certificate of Participation. The rule says that in order to get your Certificate of Participation, you must attend ANY two events, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, MEDICS Presentations included.

Are you a Presenting Author?

Congratulations! This means that you will be participating in one of the following sections:

Oral Presentations

For your Oral Presentation you have to prepare a slideshow in one of the following digital formats: .ppt; .pptx; .prezi; .pps; .ppsx. You have to bring it on an USB flash drive on the day of your presentation. Your talk must be in English and must not exceed 7 minutes. It will be followed by a 3-minute discussion. We strongly advise you NOT to read your presentation from a written draft (sheets of paper, tablet, etc.).

You will be assigned to one of our two Oral Presentation sessions (Morning or Afternoon). For each Oral Presentation session, there is one panel composed of specialists from our three main categories: Fundamental Sciences, Clinical Medicine and Surgery. They evaluate the performances of the Presenting Authors and decide who wins the three Scientific Prizes (three awards per session). In addition, there will be one Popularity Prize per session for the presentation with the most votes (only votes cast by participants will be taken into consideration).

Poster Presentation

For the Poster Presentation you have to create your Poster in an A0 portrait or landscape international paper format. You are free to choose your own design, but, as a general rule, the writing must be visible from 1 meter away. It is the responsibility of the Presenting Author to print the physical poster, to bring it to the conference venue and to mount it in the designated place.

At 12:15 Saturday morning, you must be present at the venue to mount your Poster on the designated panel. The 90-minute Poster Presentation session takes place during Lunch Break. For the competition, you have to be there for the whole 90 minutes and you have to present your work to the public. You should do your best to impress Passive Participants & other Presenting Authors and give them reasons to vote for your poster. Try preparing an outline of your poster’s main points and emphasizing why your work is important. For the Poster Presentation session there will be five Prizes awarded to the posters with the most votes (only votes cast by participants will be taken into consideration).

Evaluation Criteria
Oral Presentations

Each member of the commission will award you between 1 and 5 points for:

  1. Basic linguistic cohesion;
  2. Scientific Validity. Subject Comprehension – the relevance of your work to current medical practice, and your confidence in transmitting the results;
  3. Particularity of the Study. Take-home Message – your study’s quality of being original, as well as your capacity to sum up its unique point in an easy-to-understand way;
  4. Presentation Skills – the fluency and coherence of your discourse and the structure of your presentation;
  5.  Capability to Answer questions at your level of expertise.

Try to present your work in no more than 7 minutes – for every extra 30 seconds you will lose one point from the overall score.